Waterproof Servo SER-110X

SKU: SER-1100

Programmable, digital,  waterproof servo, submersible up to 100 meters.

Connector Type

Blue Trail Engineering’s SER-110X is in a class by itself: a depth-rated, waterproof servo at a fraction of the size and cost of other subsea actuators.  Ideal for Autonomous Surface Vehicles as well as Remotely Operated Vehicles, the SER-110X provides reliable, long-term actuation at depths up to 100 meters.


  • Submersible up to 100 meters
  • Programmable digital servo
  • Compact size
  • Low power draw
  • Engineered for months of exposure in seawater or fresh water
  • Corrosion-resistant titanium output shaft and fasteners, Delrin® enclosure
  • Standard R/C PWM interface
  • Servo horns included
  • Square output shaft for easy integration


The SER-110X is based on the Hitec D954SW 32-bit digital servo.  Blue Trail integrates a modified D954SW into a corrosion-resistant, depth-rated Delrin® housing with a ball-bearing-supported titanium output shaft and nitrile quad-ring shaft seal.


The SER-110X is available with two connection options:

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