LPC Cable, Double-ended


Polyurethane-jacketed cable with LPC-style plugs and locking sleeves on both ends.  For use with LPC Bulkhead Connectors (sold separately).  Rated to 600 m depth.  Available with 3 conductors.  Patent Pending.


The LPC series of connectors and cables fills the need for an affordable, compact system of electrical connectors for use in underwater and other extreme-environment applications.

LPC connectors provide reliable electrical connections at depths of up to 600 meters, at a fraction of the size and cost of the industry-standard Micro-Circular connectors.


  • Ideal for autonomous boats, ROVs, underwater instruments, and other extreme-environment applications
  • Submersible up to 600 meters
  • Engineered for months of exposure in seawater or fresh water
  • Corrosion-resistant brass, acetal, PEEK, and polyurethane materials
  • Cable jacket is bondable with urethane adhesives
  • 3 conductors
  • Cables available with connectors on both ends or one end only
  • Locking sleeves included with cables

LPC cables have connector(s) and locking sleeve(s) on one or both ends, depending on configuration.  Available in 1-meter and 2-meter lengths, or contact Blue Trail Engineering for custom lengths.  LPC CABLES MUST BE USED WITH LPC BULKHEAD CONNECTORS (sold separately).

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