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About Us

Founder launching SeaCharger in Hawaii.j

Our vision at Blue Trail Engineering is to offer high-quality components that allow our customers to affordably innovate, experiment, and explore.

Blue Trail Engineering was founded by Damon McMillan, a mechanical and aerospace engineer with almost twenty years of experience in unmanned systems, and his wife Jillaire who has over twenty years of experience with him.

Damon began his career designing rockets and then UAVs. He then moved on to autonomous wave- and solar-powered boats. On the side he designed and built SeaCharger, his own robotic boat, which in 2016 successfully traveled a quarter of the way around the globe on solar power alone. During this project, Damon realized that the robotics industry was not providing waterproof products for those without a large corporate expense account.


Blue Trail Engineering develops marine robotics components that meet rigorous technical specifications while still fitting the budgets of startups, hobbyists, and researchers.


Blue Trail Engineering, LLC is a small company founded in 2019 in Longmont, Colorado.

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