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Easy Way to Make a Professional-looking Cable Termination

Just a quick Tech Tip for those of you who use our Cable Termination Kits...

Here at Blue Trail Engineering, we have experimented with various ways to mold the epoxy potting on our Cable Termination Kits to create a more professional-looking finished product. Fortunately, we have found that the method that gives the best results also happens to be the easiest and cheapest method!

The trick is to use a piece of silicone tubing as a “mold” for the epoxy. Choose silicone tubing with an inner diameter equal to the cable’s outer diameter. Cut the silicone tubing to about 20 mm long. Slide it onto the cable before sliding the connector shell onto the cable.

When the time comes to inject the epoxy into the connector shell, push the silicone tubing over the end of the connector shell (this may be a bit difficult). Insert the syringe needle under the silicone tubing and inject epoxy until it comes out the end of the silicone tubing. Keep injecting more epoxy while withdrawing the needle. Move the cable around inside the connector shell to ensure that both the outer surface of the cable jacket and the inner surface of the connector shell are fully wetted with epoxy (keep the silicone tubing in place while you do this). Clean up the excess epoxy with alcohol or acetone.

When the epoxy has cured, carefully cut off the silicone tubing. You should end up with a beautiful taper in the epoxy! The other nice thing about this method is that the silicone tubing will keep the cable centered in the Connector Shell while the epoxy cures.

Happy Terminating!


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