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Cobalt Series Cable, Double-ended

Cobalt Series Cable, Double-ended


Polyurethane-jacketed cable with Cobalt Series plug and locking sleeve on both ends.  For use with Cobalt Series Bulkhead Connector (sold separately).  Rated to 600 m depth.  1-pin*, 3-pin, 3-pin Power, 4-pin, 6-pin, 6-pin Hybrid, and 8-pin versions available, with standard 1-meter length or custom lengths from 0.6 to 2.0 meters.


How to specify length:


  • Cables shorter than 1 meter - No extra charge.  Choose the "1m or less" option and specify the length in the "Custom length" field. We will shorten the cable for you free of charge.  Note that the minimum length for double-ended cables is 0.6m.
  • 1-meter cables - Our standard cable length is 1 meter.  Choose the "1m or less" option and leave the "Custom length" field blank.
  • Cables longer than 1 meter - Cable lengths greater than 1 meter cost $20 extra.  Choose the "Custom: >1m up to 2.0m" option and specify the length in the "Custom length" field.


SKUs: COB-1331-SS COB-133C-SS COB-1341-SS COB-134C-SS COB-1361-SS COB-136C-SS COB-136H1-R1 COB-136H1-R1 COB-1381-R1 COB-138C-R1


*For 1-pin cables, see the Specialty Cobalt Connectors and Cables page.

Cobalt Series dry-mate underwater connectors and cables from Blue Trail Engineering set a new standard for small waterproof connectors.  Cobalt connectors offer the same reliability as larger subsea connectors, but at a fraction of the cost.  With 316 stainless steel shells and PEEK inserts, they withstand long-term use in seawater at depths up to 600 meters.  In spite of their compact size, Cobalt connectors can handle high currents.  Connector shells are keyed and feature a scoop-proof design, allowing them to be mated blind with no possibility of pin damage.


Cobalt connectors achieve a hermetic seal without the need for potting or overmolding, making them more affordable than traditional molded connectors.  The electrical contacts are pressed into a machined PEEK insert, which is in turn pressed into the stainless steel connector shell.


In addition to reducing cost, the unique design of Cobalt connectors increases their reliability.  Without a bonded rubber overmold, there is no danger of leakage due to cathodic delamination.  A simple, proven O-ring seal between the male and female connectors makes Cobalt connectors both easier to use and more reliable than wet-mate connectors.


Perfect for space-limited applications, Cobalt connectors take up a fraction of the volume of the industry-standard Micro-Circular connectors.


Stock connectors and cables typically ship in 2-3 days.  Custom items or large orders ship in 1-2 weeks.


Cobalt cables are available in 1-pin*, 3-pin, 3-pin power, 4-pin, 6-pin, 6-pin hybrid, and 8-pin versions.  Cables are supplied with a standard cable length of 1 meter or custom lengths up to 2 meters.


COBALT CABLES MUST BE USED WITH COBALT BULKHEAD CONNECTORS (sold separately).  The Cobalt bulkhead connector fits in the same 10-mm hole as Blue Robotics penetrators, making quick-connect and quick-disconnect possible with Blue Robotics enclosures, thrusters, lights, grippers, and other accessories.


*For 1-pin cables, see the Specialty Cobalt Connectors and Cables page.

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